Perky’s Bar, Queenstown. By Oli (age 11).

img_1237Are you looking for a bar with some difference? Look no further than Perky’s bar on Queenstown. A genius real estate space saving idea on the water- a bar inside boat! This unique experience won’t set you back too much money as you may bring your own food and drinks and also buy house beer and wine for just $6.50. This boat has 2 floors; sit inside on the lower floor or outside on the top floor where you can enjoy your drink and a perfect view of the mountains.

Pub on Wharf, Queenstown. By Toby (age 9).

Pub On Wharf is a pub in Queenstown. It’s name serves a purpose, because, guess what? It is a pub, on a wharf! There is a kid’s menu, but who would order from the kid’s menu when there is AMAZING Beef Wellington for only $20. It’s a complete bargain! Perfectly, cooked medium fillet steak meat (delicious!) wrapped in bacon and perfectly crisp pastry. Mash potato lies underneath the Beef Wellington, with green beans on the side. To make things EVEN better, there is deliciously rich gravy! We have been to Pub On Wharf 4 times and each time I make sure I order Beef Wellington.

img_1220 If you want a run around or want to burn off some energy, Pub On Wharf is the perfect place to go because of the massive lawned area right next to the pub while Mum and Dad enjoy their drinks from an outdoor table with a superb view of Queenstown!

Harbar, Akaroa (by Oli, age 11)

“Harbar” waterfront bar

Harbar’s special name comes from its position on the harbour and the fact it is a bar! This  tiny seafront bar in Akaroa has a stunning view with beautiful flowers at the entrance in the shape of an arch.  It has a wide variety of drinks such as spirits, beers and red or white wine. Mum and Dad enjoyed a couple of glasses of Tokyo Dry and my brother and I had a cold glass of coke each. I was amused to find that even on the loo you could continue to take in a stunning sea view. Overall it is a very cool bar and I highly recommend it.

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