Pub on Wharf, Queenstown. By Toby (age 9).

Pub On Wharf is a pub in Queenstown. It’s name serves a purpose, because, guess what? It is a pub, on a wharf! There is a kid’s menu, but who would order from the kid’s menu when there is AMAZING Beef Wellington for only $20. It’s a complete bargain! Perfectly, cooked medium fillet steak meat (delicious!) wrapped in bacon and perfectly crisp pastry. Mash potato lies underneath the Beef Wellington, with green beans on the side. To make things EVEN better, there is deliciously rich gravy! We have been to Pub On Wharf 4 times and each time I make sure I order Beef Wellington.

img_1220 If you want a run around or want to burn off some energy, Pub On Wharf is the perfect place to go because of the massive lawned area right next to the pub while Mum and Dad enjoy their drinks from an outdoor table with a superb view of Queenstown!

Moeraki Boulders (by Toby, age 9)

img_1011I hope you enjoy my recount!

Chapter 1

I had a long sleep but my brother started tickling me so that woke me up. After that, we got dressed and had breakfast. We also did other stuff like brushing our teeth etc. Then we set off. It was about 3km to the boulders. We got to one point where we asked a lady where the boulders were.

Chapter 2

To make a long story short, she told us where the boulders were and yeah..

Chapter 3

There was a hill but it was down so it was easy to get down. My dad spotted a seal which was sadly dead. So we walked to the actual boulders and we climbed up them because they were mostly underground… After that, we went to the cafe and we had to wipe our feet on a fancy broom thing.

img_1012Chapter 4

I ordered a pie (obviously) and an ice cream. My brother had a pie and a hot chocolate and an ice cream. My brother offered me a marshmallow and so I quickly took it before he could get it back. (You gotta do what you gotta do!).

Chapter 5

So, we started walking back and you know that seal that dad spotted? Well someone nicely put a cross next to it. He must have had a peg on his nose because it STANK! We were at our camper van and we were packing our stuff away going to the next campsite, when people started talking to us!

Chapter 6

There was a young, cute, fluffy dog that came up to me and I started stroking the dog. When I smelled my hands, they smelt like the ocean. The end.


How to keep the kids from going crazy on long campervan trips!


We’ve covered 1929kms over the last 9 days of our trip- that’s a lot of hours on the road! For our kids, that’s a lot of hours raised to the power of 10! So how have we kept them from going crazy?

  • Make sure you have plenty of fuel on board and take brief refuelling stops – fuel for their stomachs that is! We have clearly brought a couple of hobbits along with us. Although we feed them hearty breakfast and lunch, they seem to need second breakfast, elevenses, morning tea and afternoon tea!
  • For trips of 3-4 hours+, plan a stop or two for them to break up the journey and run off some energy. A decent playground, a beach, a picnic spot.
  • Have decent music playing. It’s harder for them to moan when they’re singing along to their favourite tracks.
  • If it keeps them sane, it keeps you sane. On previous trips we’ve taken a DVD player so that the kids can watch movies on the long journeys. This time it’s iPads. It’s the only time that they have unlimited access to their iPads, but it works.
  • We weren’t expecting this, but since I’ve been blogging about our trip, the boys have decided that they should too. Who’d have thought they’d have wanted to write during their trip?! We’d tried encouraging the boys to keep journals on previous trips but their interest soon evaporated. Although a blog is similar to a diary/journal writing, – blogging potentially has an audience and therefore a more tangible purpose. This purpose, it seems, has unlocked their enthusiasm to write, edit and publish!
  • Finally, if all of these tips are starting to wear thin, draw the curtain between the front cab and them and turn the music up loud.  See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!

Fleurs Place, Moeraki (by Toby, age 9)

Fleurs Place is a VERY good restaurant. This restaurant is in Moeraki. All we can say is WOW! My pasta was perfect- you can get the pasta with fresh tomato sauce (no ketchup here thank you very much!) or with cheese. Mum’s mushroom and pine nut risotto was sensational.  But what most people come here for, is the SEAFOOD. My Dad’s fish literally swam in from the sea and melted in his mouth! He had steamed blue cod wrapped in smoked bacon with steamed cockles in a  white wine and herb cream sauce.

The fish are so fresh, we saw the chef filleting the day’s catch. My brother agreed- “the fish is amazing!”  

Fish don’t get much fresher than this!

Fleurs Place is  mainly based on seafood and so it appropriately resembles an old fisherman shack on the waterfront and has an amazing views from both the inside and outside tables.  

Amazingly, Rick Stein, a famous foodie and chef,  had a choice of going to any restaurant in the WORLD and he picked Fleurs Place! If Rick Stein picked Fleurs Place, so should you!

Woodturners Café

We stopped here en route from Auckland to Tauranga.  It looks inviting from the roadside but it is far more than that inside.  The interior and garden areas are decorated with up-cycled gems- from door handles fashioned from kitchen utensils to birdhouses created from plant pots and even an old boot!  It makes for amusing and interesting dining areas.

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